Friday, June 16, 2006

The Law of Diminishing Returns

Yes, it's another Friday night when I've chosen to not go out. On the face of it, this is a bad thing. It's summer, it's warm, and the irreverant Jamie Black has returned to Brighton. But I'm tired. I'm broke. And energy conservation is not just a global issue. It's personal. This week, I've been bubbling over with energy. Home life, despite our yard and house being turned into an art factory and F's fed-upness and the general random swing of things, has been stable. Even despite having a cuntish encounter at the end of a BBQ last night, it's all pretty tolerable. I've been working like a dog this week. Emails, meetings, work, WFH, it's all been happening. Tonight, however, when I got home, I was depleted. The house is up in arms over the fact that a surveyor is coming to see the property on Monday. I don't like to jump to conclusions, but the prognosis is that our house will be up sale shortly. I've always forseen the end of the hippy commune era. That's life and I won't get maudalin over the fact. However, this inspection does mean I'm supposed to somehow turn my very full bedroom back into a lounge. Yeah, right. We're having an emergency house meeting tomorrow morning to discuss things so I'm prolonging any productive stressy thought until then. Week has been very good. I'm on pg 23 of the Latest so have a look. I've been getting tons of responses from the research I've been doing. Making some interesting work connections as well & I got an encouraging email from Final Cuts about screening my film. We'll see. Tomorrow, it's : - Dan's party - Inlaws visiting - Meeting to discuss a new project - Dave's birthday beer & curry - Me finishing all of the crap for the all-you-can-eat fundraiser day - Not worrying about next week - Saturday And I haven't had any time/mental space to write. Probably okay. I've been talking to other writers, etc which almost counts as writing itself. I think. Self-promotion is a time-consuming business and I definitely need to set aside some time to get back to the old pen on paper business. That's it, I think. No more wine, but thank god for a little bit of foresight. I hid a bottle of wine when Essex-boy was charging through the house last night looking for it. Hence, a nice chilled evening with 1 unaccounted bottle. The world has to be smarter for us to survive. x


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, nice trick,my frriends have left 8 cans of larger, a quart of gin and several bottles of wine. plus enough chinese to feed 50...


6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm, "finishing all the crap for the all you can eat fundraiser day!" What an apt thought methinks! I concur - but what a great job you did nonetheless - I hope you enjoyed the tipple you deserved it! - note to oneself...hiding emergency bottle 'I'll borrow that' cx

10:35 AM  

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