Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Identity theft, apt songs, & other bits of nonesense

Identity theft & bad credit rating goes hand in hand, although we all
know that they are not mutually exclusive. As of 2nd June, check your credit rating
for free on:

As everyone knows, it's our right to have access to these files under Data Protection,
but how many of us do? (found in Saturday's Independent)

Random lyrics for the day:

"Why do cupids and angels

continually haunt her dreams

like memories of another life

is painted on her shirt in capital

out on the free free way

there's only she an the they

represented by the lights

we went to the store and bought something great

which samples this song from washington state


go little record go

it is named by

some guy named joe

and the words

are the letters of the words


electrically played

for outer space and those of they who paid

this song is twice ocurred

and now its time to go

away on holiday."
- Pixies: "Trompe le Monde"


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