Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The First of the So-Called Summer Colds

My heart is slowly breaking, and I can't even listen to Cat Stevens "Wild World" ever since some Czech bastard ruined it for me. I was having a blue moment when he decides to play footage of the WTC towers being slammed by planes with the song as a backdrop. "Isn't that genius?" he asked before looking at my face. "Oh, I'll turn it off," he said registering my utter shock and dismay. This past weekend I've lost my skirt to the sea, my boyfriend to the inevitable tide of events, and a fair chunk of money to my stupidity. However, I still have that warm glow of inner satisfaction at knowing I got a total of...wait for this...8 pieces into various writing competitions for the month of May. However, it's 6am, I can't fall back to sleep and the shitty cold weather has caused me to develop a cold/sore throat. Welcome to summer? Despite not having any plans for the bank holiday weekend, I ended up having fun, hitting both a Slackers nite and Adam Freeland at the Ocean Rooms. I swam in the sea. I finished my first rough edit of the homeless project. I received several humorous emails from my mom and various people that made me laugh out loud. Now that I have even more free time to focus on my own destiny, etc, I'm not really sure what to do with myself apart from chugging along with the novel and vague ideas of getting on with this film project using my Super 8 camera. Dunno about that. I'm sure something will come up. On an interesting and bizarre note, last night my housemates took photos for protoPLAY's marketing material for their show in June at the Fringe. Five of us, completely naked, pressing our bodies against a large glass window in the conservatory in various positions. There's one of just the guys that looks like they're having an orgy. The pictures are absolutely hilarious. I will def be putting a few up on the houseblog - link to follow. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter involved. A/because it was cold despite a fan heater being on, but B/the pictures are surreal and people kept falling off, farting, etc. I'm a fairly modest person, but after performing completely naked with Non Grata last autumn and posing for a friend's painting also nude, I've discovered I have a strange capacity for stripping off in the name of art. Oh, and jumping into the sea on a drunken whim. Anyone find a lime green skirt with purple triangles, that's mine!


Blogger Gabs said...

Used to have lots of fun with super8 - now I have 16mm (which i dont seem to be able to a) get around to using, and b) afford to use) i havent done any filming atall...

your skirts probably in france by now :)


12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So when are we going to see the pictures?

8:46 AM  

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