Saturday, May 20, 2006


It's Saturday, and I woke up at the shockingly early time of 8am. Essex boy had to get ready for work, I lay in bed being grumpy and telling him to turn off the Cafe del Mar bullshit, probably if only to see if I could get my way. "It's my computer," I argued. "Amy, you're a 31 year old woman. You're not a child." Fair point. I received an email from my mom, which cheered me up. She wanted to know if we had Dillard's department store in the UK. I told her no. The past few days I've been chatting to my friend Kieran on Google's equivalent of msn and we've been conversing entirely in Spanish. It's great - it's like getting an online tutorial in Spanish. My Spanish gets rusty living in the UK, with fluency rapidly picking up speed if I'm in hot weather latin countries or if I'm drunk. A few words I've learned or knew but didn't really "know":
  • uey = dude
  • pinche = bloody
  • o chido = cool
  • estoy a punto de estar borracho = I'm about to get drunk
I feel caffinated and motivated to push on with the novel today, so that's what I aim to do. Last night's mission of AVOIDING CLUBS AT ALL COSTS because I ALWAYS SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY worked. Felt pretty lame, but at least I had the nice (but insane) people in my house who shared some booze with me. I can't believe I'm writing this, but thank god for housemates. We had a wobbly moment last night. KW and I were pretending we could afford to buy a plasma screen tv. In this imaginary world, we put the very large screen tv in the conservatory, got the super duper cable package from SKY and right in the middle of this daydream, Orion came in and said "look guys, I don't want to live in a house where people are watching tv all the time in the conservatory". So that was the end of that. KW showed me the SKY deal on his computer and said how affordable it would be if we split it five ways, but I told him I was too broke. And that was the end of that. Here are some funny pictures. They're from the trip in the States. Don't know what reminded me of them, but here they are. Picture 1: This is me and my crazy cousin Armand. He's a hiphop DJ who was born in Germany, but duh, he's obviously Mexican. He's a good rapper as well, but it seems he spends most of his time being on the scene and knowing *everyone*. It pays to have a well-connected cuz though. Cheap drinks all night, free entry and someone to watch my back when those evil Mexican bitches wanted to knife me. He needs to sort out his dealer though. Picture 2: Check this motherfucker out. Isn't he cool? As we made our speedy cruise down 6th Street, Essex boy insisted on getting his picture taken of all the strange American people we encountered. This guy was exemplary. Need I explain? His name was Dave and he was a taxidermist for a living. Bored of Blogger and my random broadband connection. Maybe more picture if I feel like it. I can recognise a stupid form of procrastination when I see one. Like this. Adios muchachos & cabrones.


Blogger Gabs said...

lol, swearing en espanol?

"estoy a punto de estar borracho" as soon as I've sorted out paint...

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