Saturday, April 08, 2006

Throw away your computer

It's gorgeously sunny outside today, and I'm about to venture into it. Pavement isn't cold to bare feet, no tinge of cold in the breeze. I did wake up with my throat on fire, and apparently I was sleeping with my mouth gaping open like a corpse. I hate taking pharmaceutical drugs but I have to admit: they do what it says on the package. Since starting my job, I've felt an immense sense of relief and gratitude at having somewhere to go during the day. There's something about a new job, before you start feeling tired, jaded and useless that's magical. Everything is new, you feel purposeful and productive, and the cherry on the top is that you get paid. This week I've worked out how to use the microwave and discovered I don't have to lick my own stamps. You don't know what a relief that is. The place is full of quirky interesting characters. The woman on reception is extraordinary. She's older, and though I can't place her age, she must be over 60. The story goes that after decades of marriage, she told her husband that she wanted to live by the sea. He wasn't having it, so she packed her bags and moved down to Brighton without him. She cam not knowing a soul or even the look of the place. I think that's immensely brave. I'm going outside and I suggest you do the same.


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