Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Recommended Cocktails

Sorry if the title is misleading because I'm not going to launch into a dazzling array of recipes (not yet at least). My cocktail of the evening consists of: 1 lemon (squeezed), honey, sugar, 20 drops of echinacea, hot water & 2 cup fulls of brandy. I'm desperate. Seriously. Two whole days of sobriety is driving me nuts. What do you do with so much clarity and awakeness? Just finished "Still Life With Woodpeckers" by Tom Robbins, and have just delved into "It's Not a Runner Bean" by Mark Steel. The best antidote for not being able to do anything but lie in bed and be charming to oneself is to read funny things. I read this week's Insight but it made me cringe with disgust. Despite a latent tendency to feel sorry for myself, interesting developments on the film are underfoot. One, some guys are considering doing the sound design work. My instinct (they told me) is that they're probably too busy to take it up, but I also just heard from JQ and he said he's passed on the email to some of his people. BTW, JQ & Ben are finishing up the opening credits, which is incredibly exciting. I'm finally seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel on this project, which is nearing the 3 year mark since we started. My life will finally feel like it's no longer on hold, listening to the Muzac version of Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry". I also heard from my friend Arif, who said he and his wife are coming to Brighton this weekend. This spring is definitely bringing up old friends. It makes me smile, then sigh. I hope I'm up for it. Mood: Tipsy Listening to: People in the kitchen talking


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