Tuesday, April 25, 2006


A busy day, buzzy day where I had bags of energy, but not enough time to do much with it. I spent 3 hours writing my essay for my course, due tomorrow, and emailed it over to my course tutor. I had a chance to look at a story I wrote last year which I'd totally forgotten about, but I didn't do any of the writing I'd planned. For some reason, I'm feeling nostalgic for the past today. Listening to Tribe reminded me of a very long time ago, and I began to wonder what happened to my 20s. Maybe my nostalgia has been kicked off by Jamie's leaving. He's gone today, for all intensive purposes to begin his life in the States. He says he'll be back every 2 months to play at Slackers, but I know this is the BIG MOVE. I guess it reminds me of when I made my BIG MOVE over here in '97. My soul feels weary - of something, I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that my computer screen flickers every two minutes. I think the reason is deeper. I told Jamie maybe it was a tiredness of Brighton, and he suggested I come back to the States. A serious move would be a shock to my system, and I really don't see that happening. I think I'll be going back for (fucking hell, stop it!) a visit, this year. I'm not even sure why or what the point is, but my soul craves it. You lucky, lucky people. You probably missed "Michael Carroll: King of the Chavs", a documentary about the Norfolk ASBO lottery winner. But hey, Channel 4 are presenting a week on the mafia. I'm gonna cut out and watch "The Godfather and the Mob". I never watch tv, but I decided to set up my long-abandoned set and tape the aerial to the wall so I can get reception AND sound. Adios.


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