Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New job

The spell has broken: I got a job! Yesterday was my first day of work, and I could barely get to sleep the night before. It was like being a kid again, anxiously awaiting the first day of school. Unfortunately, my excitement has translated into apprehension. After being burned so many times in past jobs, I automatically worry about getting into a bad situation. Not good. I was so pleased to be working in a functional office. I thanked the IT guy ten times for sorting out my computer. I'm so used to having to sort out my own IT problems. The job entails facilitating forums for NHS trusts, which consist of local people who are able to contribute on how health services are run and delivered. It's along the lines of what I've been doing, but I'm doing a quick catch up on the local health services. I think it will keep me busy. Started reading Coetzee's "Disgrace", which I've been meaning to read for ages. I hope I'm never unemployed for so long. It pains me to think of the frustration and depression people experience when in long-term unemployment. Even though I was doing a lot of writing, it was harrowing not having anywhere to go. If it weren't for my classes, I wouldn't have had so much structure to my days. Someone's written on my dry erase board..."Friday: turn head inside out" Don't let the monkeys in your room. As soon as I get my first paycheck, I'm going to buy a new print cartridge and start getting enquiry letters out to agents. The longer I put it off, the longer I have to hear people (friends, strangers, dogs, etc) reminding me to do it. Enough - I'm on the case. Hoping the daffodils are pushing up for you! It's a late spring here and the flowers are hesitant to commit their winter coats to storage. I'd do it too, if only I could work out how to remove paint from my jacket. I'm worried if I try to dab white spirit on, my army green jacket will suddenly turn into a tie-dyed monstrosity. Urgh. I wish I wasn't so careless. Tip: don't lean against a freshly painted door.


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