Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The morning after

Last night was writer's group, and now I'm wondering what to do with NOVEL. A lot of good feedback flew my way, but I'm scratching my head. Do I make a u-turn? This would make writing a lot easier. I also gleaned a useful bit of info from Ed, who said writing the second half of his novel was easier, because he got out of Brighton and into Brazil, which is where his novel is set. It occured to me that I was limiting myself by seeing the plot's high point the escape, when maybe there's more to the story beyond that. There's a theory about problem-solving that Nobel Laureate and mathematical genius John Nash came up with. Trying to solve problems is like climbing mountains. If you can't climb the first one, try a different mountain. From that vista point, you can look back and see the top of the first mountain you couldn't climb. I'm also feeling a little fragile today. I nursed my one glass of wine for hours. I didn't want to get too drunk. Despite having 1 large + 1 small, I'm feeling like I drank about 2 bottles of wine. Is it possible to periodically develop the Asian intolerance for alcohol? It's Easter holidays so no class for me today. Over a fry up for breakfast, I was reading a new free Brighton zine called "Good/Bad Brighton". It takes different aspects, shops, features of Brighton and breaks down everything that's good and bad about it. Simple, but addictive. Like Minesweeper. Like the Argus. Sick. On the NOVEL front, I'm stuck for a name. At the moment, it's called "Hamburgers", which was name of the short story the NOVEL developed out of. But "Hamburgers" is a stupid name. It sounds like some American teen B-movie from the '70s. I considered "Hunt for Dark Matter", but that has no connection to the book and sounds a little Sean Connery and "Hunt for Red October". Maybe one will come to me in a dream. Speaking of which, I had the best dream last night. I was eating pizza and drinking margaritas. Then I was at a hotel with a big swimming pool and jacuzzi. I keep dreaming about hotels, which means only one thing. I really want to go on holiday. Mood: Foggy Listening to: "Elevated" - Earth, Wind & Fire


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