Friday, April 07, 2006

I never knew there was a reason for washing your hands

Sigh. It's spring-filled dizziness, the air ripe with exploding pollens, left-over winter colds, and I'm the last person to fall susceptible to a cold. Sneezing all day at work, then a pile of bricks fell on me when I got home. I mustered two more chapters as I lay curled up in bed with my duvet, which smells of sweat. I'm supposed to be legging it up to Oxford on Sunday for my friend's baby's christening, so it looks like from now til 7am Sunday morning, I'm going to be on the down-low. I've made a miracle cure which has been helping stave off the lurgies: lemon, honey, echinacea and vast quantities of hot water. I guess I should have figured there was something wrong when 2 glasses of wine made me silly. A fucking light-weight is what I've become. I got twatted last night and I have to admit, it wasn't worth it. Do you know when you get a strong intuition that you shouldn't go out? The dark skies were screaming at me as Grant and I made our way across the bridge to catch a bus into town. Stay home. What a fool. I've decided that drinking the way I do tunes me in to the bad voices: mean-spirited creatures that spin neat little tales. On an extremely positive note (I actually don't feel that bad but regret is a terrible thing), Ference just popped into my room and told me that physical was at a critical point yesterday so it's up from here on. Mental high, emotional low. Okay. That makes sense. He's asked me to download "You see the trouble with me", some remix of the Barry White song by Black Legend. He says listening to it is life-changing. Ference is still going around the house carrying a laptop case. He doesn't have a laptop, but a friend gave it to him and he's practicing carrying it around before he goes to Spain. Apparently. Who knows? The hippy juice is working - hurray! Just in time for Grant's lamb curry and copious amounts of red wine ! Mood: Not feeling sorry for myself Listening to: "For once in my life" - Stevie Wonder


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