Friday, April 21, 2006

I Know It's Friday Night, But...

I took a break from my writing to look up a few things and instead I got distracted, as per normal, by some sites wholly unrelated to the research I was doing. Found a site that was a 5 on content (at first glance) but found this cool thing and couldn't resist the lameness. A half day at work. It still doesn't feel like I'm doing work, but the work involves doing things I always do, at break-neck speed, so a slower pace just feels like I'm cheating. I found out that my boss is a published author - another writer. I love being surrounded by creatives who also care about their day jobs. Tonight might be a SPAM night. I talked to Jamie - he's on later, before Tom from the Autobots & Bez. I really want to get down and "represent" but I know the steak meal planned for tonight might take it out of me. God, I don't want to turn into a big pig. Jamie's States-bound as of Tuesday, which makes me a bit sad. I know he'll love it, and he'll be with the fabulous Marin. Um, might get more wine. I went out last night as well. It was pretty dire (the club, I mean) but I had a fun time being an idiot. Why would anyone think it was a cool idea to put a DJ booth in a disused VW Bug? Jesus on a pogo stick. Still, I had 3 margaritas bought for me AND I didn't wake up with a hangover. I only woke up to a boyfriend who was still drunk, which is always fun.


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