Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bank holidays are the way forward

I love these short weeks. I managed to recover from my cold/flu before the weekend hit, but I made the fatal error and thought I was okay. Hence, drinking led to being sick with an audience of one (the toilet) on Saturday morning, then met up with friends from London at Food for Friends. I haven't seen Arif and Iman probably since their wedding in Sweden, almost two years ago. Iman is pregnant now, though when I guessed, I was only joking around. She didn't look it. Being vegans, they were in seventh heaven when I took them to Infinity Foods. Later that evening, I went to Slackers and felt like death. It was an early night. Monday was the 2 year mark for me and Essex-boy. Yes, two years of putting up with one another. Oysters, Spanish chorizo, olives and bubbly in the park. Apart from sitting too close to the juggling club and having random dogs trying to carry off with our meat, it was a nice, chilled out day. The week has been relaxed since then. Went to a meeting for work yesterday and came to the conclusion that people who live outside of Brighton have strange hair. Big, sheep-dog like dos. I should have taken pictures. I managed to catch my hair on fire on Tuesday night at a friend's reading of her recently finished script. Just as she'd gotten the actors ready, I leaned over the table to stub my cigarette out. I didn't notice the candelabara to my left. Suddenly my hair went up in flames. Everyone shrieked. All I could do was pad the flames out with my hand, hoping my entire head didn't alight. It's hard to know what will happen in that sort of situation. Maybe my head will turn into a birthday candle. Who knows? Thankfully, the fire went out, bits of hair and ash covered my notebook and I was chastised for apologising. I felt like the drunk idiot nobody knew and managed to come uninvited. "What's your name again?" people asked afterwards. Today's a writing day and the border patrol have finally decided I do not have illegal Mexican immigrants hiding in my backseat. I'm in California. Somehow this novel is going to come together. All I can do is hope. x


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