Thursday, April 06, 2006

Are men psychic?

When I was in my early 20's, I used to believe that I had a vision that was slightly different to what people commonly refer to as "women's intuition". It's the ability, which I think all people have, to see what people's true natures are. To be able to look behind the facades and pretenses that people put up. Sometimes it was the ability to see things about people, such as experiences. I'm not sure how discerning I am anymore. The world has gotten infinitely more complex in a short space of time, and I am no longer the person I was. I've more or less come to the definite that I don't possess the aforementioned "women's intuition". For me, it seems to be clouded by misinterpretations, latent conspiracy theories and probably moments of sheer insanity. It used to pain me to see people walking down the street. I saw too much. I stopped looking so carefully, for my own well-being. It's no good being a nervous wreck before you've even gotten into work. But men are an interesting species. I once had a boyfriend who visibly reacted to men he could see were being sleazy towards me. It was a dog-like instinct that I was very much in awe of, and at the very least, flattered by. I had the situation with an ex-boyfriend where he'd always call when I was spending time with another man. I always found it strange, that he somehow "knew". Which makes me wonder: are men psychic? They definitely get a monthly premenstrual moodiness, fixed on some internal cycle of their own. Hm. Something to consider. I've been writing all day and have hit the 42k mark. It's good. The only reasonable instinct, apart from survival (which, even that is slightly suspect), I seem to have is a creative intuition. The dilemma I had yesterday seemed to vanish the more I typed. There was a reason for all of the unconnected sections, and it becomes more apparent with each passing day. Thank fuck. Mood: Speculative Listening to: yet again "Club Tropicana" - Wham


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