Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April SPAMness

S*P*A*M Magazine: The Icon & April Fools Issue - it's out now! You can pick up a copy at most decent pubs and bars around Brighton, ie Druids, Pressure Point, Riki Tiks. (Not that I'm saying any of these establishments are decent.) I've got 2 pieces in this month's issue: an interview with Tom from the Autobots & a retrospective on Hunter S Thompson. For all those living outside of Brighton/UK or simply too lazy to leave the house, click on the below link to download the magazine. GIVE ME SPAMNESS OR GIVE ME DEATH Those monkeys at Zero Culture accidentally left their site open and I took advantage. They will probably shut it down as soon as one of them reads my email. *I know this is the same message as my email (for those of you whose email I have) but what can I say? I'm lazy. Anyways, enjoy!


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