Thursday, March 16, 2006

Winter is on the decline, some experts say

I'm hoping this is true. Observation 1: I've recently come to the conclusion that sweaters, second down from shorts, are the biggest fashion faux paux. Over the past few months, bad heating in my room has meant I've taken to wearing these oversized bright sweaters (jumpers, whatever) ALL OF THE TIME. I'm really hating myself. They're not bad-looking sweaters. Someone gave me a few and I thought, what the hell? They're free. No. I look like a mid-90s throwback. It is not a good state of affairs. I'm sorry this isn't very deep - I'm not in one of those moods. On the ultra plus side, I got a job. The days of scraping the last of pesto and nicking slabs of bacon is officially over. Thank fuck. We all know that poverty leads to an early grave. The only consolation I have is that if that were the case, I would be embalmed and used in a performance art piece. Rollerskating figure eights around my body while vodka is spat in my face. Who the hell needs 15 minutes of fame when you can have it for an eternity? Observation number 2: The sun is not coming out today, unlike the teasing mildness of yesterday. Okay. I can live with that, albeit sans sweater. But - my toothpaste keeps falling off my toothbrush into the sink. Isn't that a sign I'm not really an adult? Apparently, Posh Spice never smiles for the paparazzi because she's ashamed of her teeth.


Blogger Maria said...

Hey darling! Just read your comment. Thanks for the thoughts. Sheesh, when will it all be over? Anyway, log in as miss_scribbler (I'm locking quite a few of the entries these days) and read the entry above the one you commented on, the survey/meme. You'll get the idea of my current quagmire. Will probably write something more coherent tonight after work.

How's the job hunt going? And are you feeling any better? Phlegm and mariachis -- if this pattern continues, I'll truly worry. Toothpaste sliding off on you, I see. Hmm. It is a sign, but of what, I have no idea.

I have a bottle of marinated artichokes, some dried pasta, cheese, garlic, a Vidalia onion, and some dried oregano. I think I'll go out and buy some Italian fennel sausage and basil, and that should feed me for a few days. May toss in a bottle of cheap white.

Lately, I've been eating way too much french toast, as I refuse to throw out old bread.

Hee -- I'll take the pics anytime. I'm still not over your being kidnapped by the evil, giant plot bunny!

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