Thursday, March 30, 2006

An undercurrent of change

Winter is officially over, but today is overcast and gloomy. My housemate wore his sarong on Tuesday. A flash of legs means its definitely summer. My drinking habits have been pretty appalling this week, but interestingly enough, my mind is sharper, my resolve stronger, and my mood is lighter. There's something about making an effort to getting back to yourself that puts your relationships in perspective. I am caring less about the worries I used to have, on the basis of the idea that most things we worry might happen don't, and as a result I have had a better week with my boyfriend following the stormy turbulent times of late. Caring but not caring. Last night I saw a really good documentary about the 2002 Venezualan coop, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". Afterwards went for drinks with the guys from my writer's group & my housemate Nadege, who all came along to the film. Ed is about 3 weeks away from finishing his 2nd novel. Talked to Derek about journalism stuff. Then met Essex boy at the Suga Cube, where I continued being sensible (1 water + 1 wine). Unfortunately, when I got home, my pesky housemates had decided to throw an impromptu party. An amazing spread filled the entire table and we continued drinking and staining our lips red from too much wine. Mood: Contemplative Listening to:


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