Thursday, March 16, 2006

The thawing process

Spent 3 hours out in the Laines getting quality snowbite in my fingers for these mo-fos today. I stood on the corner outside Kensington Gardens with Chris, a crazy Russian woman and the Polish couple who have a stand selling amber jewellery. We spent the time telling bad jokes. Unfortunately, my repretoire is severely lacking these days. "How many Vietnam Vets does it take to change a lightbulb?" "I don't know. How many?" " 'You weren't fucking there man!!' " Chris, the tall white guy with dreads, shares my birthday. He's one year younger than me, but looks quite a few years older. Comparing celebration notes from our recent 30-something moments, he said he missed one of the best parties, in his own house, by crashing out. He was so comatose that he drifted down the stairs bucknaked, unaware that all of his friends were partying there after a near police stand-off in the pub. Apparently, the Council are considering banning flyering on the streets. I hope they get rid of the street charity people while they're at it. I got accosted by one in London last Friday, collecting for the Alzeihemers Society. Even though I explained to the guy that I was unemployed, broke, already gave my meagre £3 a month to Save the Children AND had worked with elderly clients with Alzeihemers, he carried on with his schpeal. "So do you know how Alzeihemers affects the carers and families?" "Yes. My last client was a carer for her husband." "Let me tell you more." "No. I really understand. It's a completely sympathetic cause." "Are you sure you don't want to know the statistics?" "No." It was like talking to a machine, only my computer makes more appropriate replies. I wished the collector a good weekend - what other humane could I do? - and carried on walking towards Victoria. The thing I couldn't get today when I was flyering - why people think they're doing such an absolute act of charity just by accepting a flier for me? Conversely, why do people look so scared? It's only Brighton, for fuck's sake! Mood: Animated but tipsy Listening to: breaks set


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