Thursday, March 02, 2006

Launch aftermath

Last night was the QueenSpark launch at Brighthelm, where they launched heaps of work they've been doing like archiving the past 30 years of books, a new website, new books and the film project I was involved with, "Faith in Brighton." They also launched the anthology "Alt-future", which included one of my short stories ! A great night. The wine was pouring. I ate the nibbles on all of the tables. Saw the guys I worked with on the film project and Rob & Tim from my writer's group were there as well. Celebrations continued at the Nelson and then on to SugarQube where I met up with Dickie. So many drinks. I knew it was a foolish move not to eat dinner. Still, my hangover is less a hangover and more a permanent state of dumbness. I've taken the edge of with a massive cup of tea and a bowl of pesto pasta. Today's my meeting with fate: an interview with the Job centre. I'm hoping they'll see I'm well unemployed and I'm half hoping they'll give me a job there. That'd be an interesting one. Got a text from DS yesterday: "D-day!I'm in the studio!" She's agreed to have her curly black mane cut off for charity by some famous hairdresser and it was all captured on the Today show. I've suggested a scarf a la Sarah Jessica Parker in "Sex and the City". It's a look. Gonna stare numbly in my cup of tea for a while and see if I can see something in my future beyond being a twat. current mood: stupid current song: 4Hero "Mr Kirk's Nightmare"
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