Thursday, March 02, 2006

Info about Alt Future

I'm very proud. It's my first story publication - that is, the first work of fiction in a book. Spam (Why Drinking Coffee Is a Human Right, Feb 06) doesn't count because it was largely true - apart from offering to buy the homeless guys coffee! The anthology includes ten writers and is a good read. The book is on sale from QueenSpark directly and also at bookstores in Brighton. As soon as I find where they've hid the film project I helped on, I'll let you know. It includes clips of the films my students made, including Ron's fascinating account of the Czech scroll they've been safeguarding in their synagogue after it was purged during the war. It's a long story, which I'll share later. Absolutely mind-blowing. If you want to purchase the book, go to right column under the section "Read Me". I shamelessly bought two, one for myself and one for my mom in Texas. It's the only decent thing I've written I could probably show her.


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