Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Day 2 of this positive stuff

I made a fair stab yesterday at going about my day being positive. However, I didn't do too well with my resolve to cut back on the drinking. I met up with an old friend who I hadn't seen in about 6 years. She's a barrister now and was in Brighton for an employment tribunal case. When I was ordering drinks at the Dorset, I thought, 'well, one drink is okay.' One glass of wine led to two, then another two at Food for Friends. I swam home, feeling more pissed than I wanted to be. Then, when I got home, housemates were on the red and of course I just couldn't resist. Duh. So no wonder I woke up with the energy of a slug stuck in a beer trap. Skipped my class, wrote notes and thoughts about my novel, then had a weird sudden burst of energy. I'd had a wobbly moment last night/this morning, and instead of sinking from the flood of emotions, I got positive and began cleaning up my room and washing up dishes. Rome is not built in a day and all long-term change is a slow process, but I think if we try to plant little seeds, we'll sure as hell reap the benefits. Unless of course you have slugs in your garden. Fuck the slugs. Throw them a party. Crack open the beers and watch them sink, laugh in sorrow and happiness, and be certain that the last thought in their tiny minds will be the sheer marvel at their luck. Positive: Having enough money for the train. Buying loads of veg for a mere £3. Dinner with lovely company. Clean room. Someone to snuggle (even if you do think they're a twat sometimes). Struggle: Bureaucracy. Fighting. Feeling stuck. Each day is a brand new day. Thank god. Mood: Hopeful Listening to: "Get Down Massive" - Freestylers


Blogger S. Lewis Silverwood said...

"I swam home, feeling more pissed than I wanted to be."

This is a really good line. I've totally been there.

2:21 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Happens all too often. Didn't have money for bus but I needed the swim home to clear my head anyway !

8:29 AM  

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