Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Why I Defected

You would never know anyway. I started a Live Journal yesterday, only so I could up my privileges on my friend Darkly Scarlett's LJ. Hers is a sophisticated labour of love, highly technical and full of pretty, shiny things. "I can make mine like that," I thought, foolishly. I didn't underestimate the time and effort she's put into it; I overestimated LJ's capacity to allow such magicianry. I signed up, went through the idiot-proof steps, and then found myself hitting a brick wall when it came to the customisation options. It seems on a free account, you are extremely limited. On Blogger, you can change the HTML on the template, so you can do pretty much whatever you like. On LJ, I couldn't find the gatekeeper. Anywhere. I wonder if DS pays for her account....or maybe I'm just a fool. In the LJ vs Blogger battle, LJ is the sore loser. I'm really bad today. It's 9.35 and I'm not out the door for course #2, a personal development course. I DID receive the 18 minute masterpiece film from my student this morning, and I'm justifying my non-attendance because if I don't deliver this film, it will not make the launch, which is tomorrow. Maybe I'm just slack. Urgh. current mood: worried current song: AMPARANOIA "la vida te da" > fip


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