Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Not a hostage

DS suggested that I looked like I was being taken hostage by the man-sized bunny. I was not. I was trying to have a VERY IMPORTANT phone call and he was making sure I didn't fall over. It was all well-timed. I am living in a nightmare. Elation turned to despair when I found that my student's film, saved as an mp4, will play on Quick Time 7 but THERE'S NO SOUND. Even worse, I played it on KW's Mac upstairs and found that the film was jumpy and pixelated, re-forming into some strange splotchy modern painting. Think Hodgkins. Urgh. The launch is tomorrow and I feel slightly obligated to sort something out. I'm transfering the mp4 into an mpeg in the hope that maybe it will be easier to play. But Fx Mpeg Writer Demo I'm using says, "time left=49:35:00". Does this mean it has 49 minutes left, or 49 hours? I'm always getting into a panic about things that aren't even my responsibility. I don't even think I'm getting paid for all the post-production on this small project. I'm thinking I should have gone to my course today. With my luck, I've probably missed the section on dealing with stress. Still, I'm looking forward to free wine at the AGM. After all the hard work, we deserve it. current mood: panicky current song: Radio 2 talk from next door


Blogger Maria said...

Hee -- just used your blog page pic as a button link to this blog on my LJ sidebar. I've got to get Photoshop so I can make me an (animated) Amy Riley link button. But for now, it's just you, the Essex Boy, and a camera.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

classic. I'll send you photoshop in the post...need to see what you're talking about !!

12:48 AM  

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