Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Not a hostage

DS suggested that I looked like I was being taken hostage by the man-sized bunny. I was not. I was trying to have a VERY IMPORTANT phone call and he was making sure I didn't fall over. It was all well-timed. I am living in a nightmare. Elation turned to despair when I found that my student's film, saved as an mp4, will play on Quick Time 7 but THERE'S NO SOUND. Even worse, I played it on KW's Mac upstairs and found that the film was jumpy and pixelated, re-forming into some strange splotchy modern painting. Think Hodgkins. Urgh. The launch is tomorrow and I feel slightly obligated to sort something out. I'm transfering the mp4 into an mpeg in the hope that maybe it will be easier to play. But Fx Mpeg Writer Demo I'm using says, "time left=49:35:00". Does this mean it has 49 minutes left, or 49 hours? I'm always getting into a panic about things that aren't even my responsibility. I don't even think I'm getting paid for all the post-production on this small project. I'm thinking I should have gone to my course today. With my luck, I've probably missed the section on dealing with stress. Still, I'm looking forward to free wine at the AGM. After all the hard work, we deserve it. current mood: panicky current song: Radio 2 talk from next door

Why I Defected

You would never know anyway. I started a Live Journal yesterday, only so I could up my privileges on my friend Darkly Scarlett's LJ. Hers is a sophisticated labour of love, highly technical and full of pretty, shiny things. "I can make mine like that," I thought, foolishly. I didn't underestimate the time and effort she's put into it; I overestimated LJ's capacity to allow such magicianry. I signed up, went through the idiot-proof steps, and then found myself hitting a brick wall when it came to the customisation options. It seems on a free account, you are extremely limited. On Blogger, you can change the HTML on the template, so you can do pretty much whatever you like. On LJ, I couldn't find the gatekeeper. Anywhere. I wonder if DS pays for her account....or maybe I'm just a fool. In the LJ vs Blogger battle, LJ is the sore loser. I'm really bad today. It's 9.35 and I'm not out the door for course #2, a personal development course. I DID receive the 18 minute masterpiece film from my student this morning, and I'm justifying my non-attendance because if I don't deliver this film, it will not make the launch, which is tomorrow. Maybe I'm just slack. Urgh. current mood: worried current song: AMPARANOIA "la vida te da" > fip

Kicking it all off for a 2nd time

Another first entry. Sorry this is as boring as sliced white bread, but I've got things to do and people to see. Like - I've got to burn off a cd to take down to QP. Phone up my student and see if the DVD thing worked. Um, I'm sure there was something else, but maybe I'm only imagining I'm busy... I've been actively looking for work since I got back from the States, so the only major roadhump during my weeks is Wednesday, my course day, which means I have to get out of the house by 9am - a rarity even when I was working. This week is looking like a busy one. An AGM for the dj project I helped start up, the QP Launch, two course days and an appointment with the Job Centre. It's the first time I've ever signed on in my life and I'm a little worried about getting rejected, if only because that's all that's been happening since I've been going on job interviews. On the plus-side, I've got two interviews lined up for SPAM: one with General Midi, the Bristol-based breaks monster who's just come out with a new album "Midi Style", and one with Tom from the Autobots, who have just snatched a breakspoll award for best breakthrough record label. If you're into breaks at all, make sure to check out both of these because they're hot property right now. Autobots: www.brokebreaks.com / www.fuckedupnorth.com General Midi: www.generalmidi.co.uk I think I need to run, or else I'll really feel like I'm procrastinating. Oh yeah - it was my birthday yesterday. I got a bunny, but not quite this big ! current mood: satisfied current song: the hum of my computer
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